Here is the presentation on School Programs - April 24, 2010

Self-assessment Rubric: References and Resources for School Programs

Growing Success

Full Day Learning: (including video)

Full Day Learning Brochure:

Roll out video for full day learning:

Here is the brochure on full day learning:

LSA Web Network
A web network for participants in the Leading Student Achievement (LSA) project.

TLCP Teaching Learning Critical Pathways:

Leading Student Achievement: LSA

School Effectiveness Framework:

Cooperative Education and Experiential Learning

Cost of dropping out

Video: Think Again about Dropping Out

Canadian council of learning 2007 Report on Student Success

Ways to Succeed in High School

Brochure outlining the Student Success/Learning to 18 Strategies

OYAP – Video from Dufferin Peel Board

Specialist High Skills Major


Ontario Educational Resources Bank (OERB)

Differentiated Instruction: Implementation in Public Schools

2009-10 Professional Learning for the Differentiated Instruction
Professional Learning Strategy and Student Success School and Cross-
Panel Teams

Supporting Differentiated Instruction in the school (Karen Hume)

f you could show just one video to new school principals, which would you choose?

You Can't Be My Teacher:

Sir Ken Robinson @TED:

Myths and Opportunities (Alan November):

Socialnomics 9.0:

A Vision of 21st Century Teachers:

A Vision of K-12 students today:

A Collection of Sir Ken Robinson videos:

The Dalton Sherman "Do You Believe in Me" Video:

Why do we Connect? A compilation of resources from Shelly Terrell including videos:

Stand and Deliver (Here are a few excerpts):